Are you wondering about essential equipment for your trekking journey? We are here to offer our checklist for your references. You may make amendments to them as per your need and convenience. The necessary equipment can be easily purchased in the shops in Kathmandu. So, you need not worry if you couldn’t get any of the listed items in your hometown. 

You also need not worry about the quality of gears available in Kathmandu. The majority of them are manufactured locally and some are imported from China. So, they are of high quality. Light luggage is preferred for safe and convenient travel. A porter is available for two people. He will carry up to a maximum of 25 kg. Therefore, you need to keep this in mind before you pack your bags. 

Below is the checklist of equipment 


Duffel or Rucksack bag: We supply complimentary use of duffel/kit bag. One spare big duffel bag/suitcase is an essential or non-trek item. They might be left at the hotel in Kathmandu. 

Day pack: (Approx: 20-22 liter) 

Down jacket: We will provide a complimentary jacket for your trip. However, it needs to be returned after the completion of the trip. 
4 seasons’ sleeping bag: We will provide a complimentary sleeping bag for your trip. However, it needs to be returned after the completion of the trip. 

•    Sun hat or scarf 
•    Light balaclava or warm fleece hat 
•    Sunglasses with UV protection 

  • Thin, inner socks that are lightweight 
  •  Thick, hiking socks of warm wool 
  •  Hiking boots with spare laces 
  •  Camp shoes (sandals or sneakers) 
  •  Gaiters for hiking in winter 

•    Lightweight gloves 
•    Heavyweight gloves 
•    Waterproof shell outer (Seasonal) 
     Lower Body 
•    Under Garments 
•    Hiking shorts 
•    Lightweight cotton pants 
•    Thermal buttons of lightweight 
•    Fleece or wool pants 
•    Shell pants of fabric 
    Upper Body 
•    T-shirts 
•    Thermal tops of lightweight 
•    Fleece jacket or pullover 
•    Fleece Wind-Stopper jacket 
•    Waterproof breathable fabric shell jacket 
•    Sleeping bag rated to zero degrees Fahrenheit 
•    Headlamp with spare bulbs and batteries 
•    Trekking Bags/Duffel Bag 
•    Basic First Aid kit 
•    Large plastic bags for keeping items dry inside your trek bag
•    Trekking Poles 
•    Water bottles 
•    Small wash towel, Toilet papers 
•    Earplug if some people on group snore
•    Toothbrush/paste 
•    Multipurpose soaps 
•    Nail cutter 
•    Small mirror 
     Personal Hygiene

•    Wet wipes
•    Tissue/toilet roll
•    Antibacterial sanitizer
•    Binoculars
•    Reading book
•    Guide book
•    Journal or pen
•    Pencils and small notebooks
•    Travel game i.e. cards




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