We know that preventative measure is always better than cure. 

Travel insurance is compulsory for all customers who are looking to travel to Nepal with us. This must cover both the medical and evacuation cost. We advise that your insurance is worth the lowest of USD 100,000. 
The beauty of the Himalayas comes with other several risks that we cannot imagine. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare for any unforeseen risks that may occur. There are many insurance companies offering travel insurance over the internet. You can choose them at your convenience. However, there is a narrow chance of minor health issues while trekking to Nepal. There are some health issues, injuries, and most importantly altitude sickness. 
You must choose an insurance policy that covers the cost of the helicopter rescue from the mountains. This is in case of major accidents and acute mountain sickness (AMS). During such critical situations, a helicopter service is the only way to rescue. This is why; you need travel insurances that cover the cost of helicopter services. This also covers the evacuation service from the Himalayas. 
Before you plan your trip, make sure your travel insurance covers all the costs mentioned above from a reliable company. 

Recommended Travel Insurance Companies 
For Travelers from USA and CANADA 

•    Online Global Health Insurance 
•    Travelex 
•    Insure My (Online Insurance Aggregator) 
•    Mondial Assistance 
•    Access America 
•    HCC Medical Insurance Services 
•    Good Neighbor Insurance (International Health) 
•    International Health 
•    Insuremy 
•    MultiNational Underwriters 
•    TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd 
•    Travel Assist 
•    TraveLite 

     For Travelers from England 
•    Specialty Group (UK) Limited 
•    FirstAssist Services Limited 
•    Harrison Beaumont 
•    Buy cheap travel insurance 
     For Travelers from EUROPE and SLOVENIA 
•    Assistance CORIS 
     For Travelers from AUSTRALIA and New ZEALAND 
•    Cover-More Travel Insurance 
•    CGU Insurance Limited 
      For Travelers from SOUTH AFRICA 
•    Travel insurance Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 
DECLARATION:  These companies were recommended by our previous travelers. They are for recommendation purposes only. 




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