Treks are graded according to the climate, duration, and topography. Easy and moderate treks are suitable for beginners who love adventure. On the other hand, difficult treks require physical fitness and prior experience. 
Our trekking packages are fit for adventures. It is suitable for those who have good health and love the outdoors. You need to choose your trek carefully keeping your fitness in consideration. 

It is an easy level trek as the name suggests. Prior experience is not required at all. If you are healthy, you can walk for 6-7 hours. Having good health will always help. The trek involves walking on lower altitudes. This may be from 300-600 m. You will have good paths and easy access to facilities. 

You need to walk on steep hills for about 6-7 hours a day. The weather will not get extreme but the path may get rough in times. We hike up to 5500m, climbing 400-700m every day. Sometimes, you may also encounter high altitude and a decrease in the level of oxygen. So, physical and mental fitness is highly recommended. 

The trek is a little challenging and difficult. You may have to walk for 6-8 hours per day. The hills and passes get steep. You will continually be ascending and descending 500-1000m. You need to trek on remote areas where the weather conditions might get extreme. High altitude and low oxygen are there. Moreover, only necessities are available in the area. Prior trekking experience is a benefit here. Make sure to be fit with exercises, physical and mental fitness. 

This is the most difficult level of the trek. You will have to ascend and descend for 6-8 hours. The altitudes are 500-1000m with low oxygen levels. You will probably trek in remote and wild areas that are not favorable with weather conditions. The path will further get difficult with snow and scrambling sections. Therefore, you need to have a high fitness level, good physical and mental health as well as more trekking experience. However, some places might have facilities. 
The above information only serves as a guide. Conditions may be different according to the climate and regions. Please contact us to gain more information about the kind of trip you are interested in. We will recommend the one suitable for you as per your age and experience.   


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