What sets us apart from other agents?

It's a great pleasure to plan your holiday for us. In Nepal there are over thousands of travel agencies; however, customers choose to work with us for:

Exceptional knowledge of the goods:

Our knowledge of the products we offer / sell is among our most valuable properties. Our destination specialists travel extensively to maintain and add to this knowledge, conducting frequent site inspections and gathering first-hand experience / information on every destination, activity and service that we recommend to our valued customers. So not only do we claim to know the ins and outs of what we're offering, but we also claim to deliver the most exclusive and exclusive itineraries to help you enjoy our holiday to the fullest.

24x7x365 Days Support:

Our' Great Service ' concept is fast and accurate response. Contact us with your queries via mobile, fax, email or site, anytime of the day, week, month or year. Our professional travel consultants ensure that your enquiries are answered, solutions are provided and problems are solved as quickly as possible (mostly within 2-3 hours or no later than 24 hours); before, during and even after the journey.

Fair price and service quality guaranteed:

With thousands of agencies offering thousands of different rates, it can become very confusing to find the best value trip package. Therefore, at market-leading prices, we stand for best value deals, allowing customers to quickly find the options that meet their requirements without negotiation. We promise the best experience possible inside the spending schedule. All inquiries are treated with openness and honesty.

Ultra-personalized itinerary and Unmatched Flexibility:

Each client has different needs and requirements, with a ultra-personalized route and unequaled flexibility. Therefore, all holidays are tailored to meet each individual customer's specific needs and tastes. We will continue to tweak and modify the route details until it meets your exact needs. The whole idea is to perfectly make it the best experience for you. In designing your itinerary you can also enjoy maximum flexibility.

Ensured Departure for each booking:

All guaranteed departures shall be 100 percent scheduled, with the exception of natural disasters or any other parallel events (usually those beyond our scope). Even the lack of attendance does not cause the trip to be cancelled (if it is a guaranteed departure); therefore you can book your trip with confidence.

Local business with experience:

Although a newly established organization, the team includes specialists who have worked with Nepal's tourism industry for many years. The Kathmandu company is proud of its capacity to transform every journey into a memory of life. The experience gives employees (both on-site and offsite) the best possible service and price for their products.

Good relationship with partners and service providers:

We have partnered in Nepal with very trustworthy, leading service providers. We also have a very nice relationship with these service providers. This mutual connection helps us to provide our consumers with the best services possible, unique experience and outstanding in-house facilities.

Care for advanced and luxury travelers:

the company has every means to ensure that travelers seek the combination of comfort and authenticity in preferred destinations make the best possible arrangement. You will always have to fly in style and comfort.

Exciting and dedicated to quality:

Our local and off-site team is not only committed to creating a one-year business but also to building long-term customer relations. Every member of the team is therefore committed to delivering the best.


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