This is the basic list that covers more ordinary ailments affecting trekkers. However, trekkers and climbing groups who are going to isolated areas may need a more comprehensive kit with additional items. 
•    Sphygmomanometer (Blood pressure instrument) 
•    Syringes (20ml, 10ml) 
•    Hot water bottle 
•    Pen and writing pad
•    Stethoscope 
•    Thermometer 
•    Matchbox 
•    Splints 
•    Scissors 
•    Tongue blades 
•    Penlight 
•    Cervical collar 
•    Bandage and Dressings 
•    Sterile gauze pads (large and small) 
•    Band aids 
•    Triangular Bandages 
•    Elastic Bandages (3, 4, and 6 inches) 
•    Adhesive Tapes
•    Eye pads 
•    Cotton roll (large and small) 
•    Q-tips 
•    Safety pins 
•    Medications 

For Pain 
• You need to take Paracetamol (500mgs tablet and 125 mg in 5ml syrup) 
•    Aspirin (300mgs tablets) 

For Allergy 
•    Avil (25mgs tablet) 
•    Benadryl Syrup 
•     It is better to apply Trexyl (60mgs tablet, 30mgs in 5 ml syrup) 

For Infections 
•    You need to apply Neosporin Ophthalmic  cream for eyes infection  
•    You must apply Amoxicillin (125mg per 5 ml syrup, 250mgs, and 500 mg tablets) for throat and lungs infection 
•    Apply Metronidazole ( 200mgs, 400 mg tablets) Tinidazole (500mgs tablets) for abdomen infections 

For open wounds 
•    Cloxacillion and Cephalexin must be applied to your wounds 
•    Apply Norfloxacin (200mgs, 400 mg tablets) for urinary infections 

•    Betadine 
•    Miconazole cream to prevent a fungal infection 
•    For burn injury apply Silver sulphadiazine 

The above mentioned medical kits will definitely make your trekking journey safe. Do not forget to carry them at your convenience. 


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